Contract Hire

Chipper and tipper van sub-contract hire

We are equipped with a Timberwolf TW150 wood chipper and long wheelbase Ford Transit tipper truck with built-on “Arb” box, capable of carrying large loads of wood chip, timber or green waste.

Both our chipper and Transit tipper is available for hire on a sub-contract basis to householders and other contractors.

The chipper can take wood of up to 6” in diameter and is ideal for chipping everything from small pruning jobs to large tree dismantles.

We will send a qualified and insured member of our team to operate the chipper and drive the truck for the duration of the job. For insurance reasons, we are not able to hire out equipment without one of our staff being there to operate it.

For chipper hire without the Transit truck, we can tow the chipper to site on your behalf or you can collect it if you have a tow bar on your vehicle and one of us we will ride with you to your site.

We also have a tip site available for green waste.

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