Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding Market Harborough

We have discussed the reasons why you may want to remove you tree stump and investigated the options for tree stump removal here.

Tree stump grinding is considered to be a much less disruptive process than full blown removal.

So What’s Involved In Tree Stump Grinding?

We use a machine to shred the stump completely down into small wood chippings. It leaves the root system in place under the soil to avoid widespread digging up of the surrounding areas which is a massive benefit when you wish to preserve surrounding landscaping. During the process wood chippings mix together with soil the resulting mound of mulch will be raked back into the hole. Upon finishing the surrounding area will be left clean and tidy.

Why Choose Stump Grinding Over Removal?

As mentioned, this is a less invasive and disruptive process than full removal. Full removal would involve the use of digger and this is not a service we offer. Stump grinding is a quicker process and a cheaper process naturally. For a more cost effective and faster way to recover the land where a tree once stood, stump grinding is the best solution.

What Happens To The Tree Roots After Stump Grinding?

Whilst stump grinding takes care of the visible remainder of the tree stump the tree roots still remain spread-out for some distance around the stump. After grinding the roots will naturally die and rot away which may take some time.

More About The Stump Grinding Process – What to expect

  • Stump grinding will not damage your property, we take measures to protect your lawn and landscaping form the heavy grinding equipment.
  • It will leave a hole where the stump was, but this will be filled with soil and wood chippings leaving a tidy mound.
  • Stump grinding is a noisy process we advise that no household members or pets be near our team when we are stump grinding as sometimes the machine can kick-up dirt, debris and rocks etc. We screen off the area when stump grinding for the protection of you and your property.
  • The time required to grind out the stump varies depending on the size of the stump, and ease of access to the location of the stump.
  • You can grass over the area once the stump grinding is completed or integrate the area where the tree once stood into wider landscaping.

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