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Stump Removal – Full Tree Removal Market Harborough

When you have had a tree removed piece by piece what’s left behind is the sturdy and deep-rooted stump that anchors the tree to the ground. If you have no plans to use the land that the tree is occupying for anything else such as turfing over, laying a patio over, or even just returning the area to flower beds then it might be okay to just leave the stump as it is. Should you want to do something with the land then that raises a few questions as to what is the best approach.

Leaving A Tree Stump – What Are The Potential Issues? Is It Okay To Leave?

A Rotting Tree Stump In Need Of Stump Removal
A Rotting Tree Stump In Need Of Stump Removal

Certain types of trees will re-shoot / re-grow if the stump is left in the ground

  • Roots of some species of tree will not die if the stump is not removed. Even though the tree
    has been cut down to a stump, the roots will remain.
  • A tree stump and tree roots can be a trip hazard


Why It Might Be Better To Opt For Tree Stump Removal?

  • A rotting stump can be an eye-sore; not exactly the ideal centrepiece of an attractive garden
  • If the stump was in the middle of a lawn for example then this spot remains off limits for mowing and returning it to lawn, plus stump roots can damage lawn mowers
  • If you are wanting to plant more trees nearby that’s a potential no go as the far reaching roots of the old tree and it’s stump will be in the way

What’s Involved In The Tree Stump Removal Process?

Depending upon the size of the stump, we will either manually dig the stump and root ball out of the ground or, in the case of larger stumps, use a stump grinder to grind it down to beneath
ground level.

In the case of smaller stumps, we sever the surrounding roots, and pull the stump and root ball out of the ground, leaving a small hole where the tree once stood.

Where a larger tree has been removed, once we have ground the stump down into the top of the root ball, we rake the grindings back into the hole, leaving a neat and fertile mound of soil mixed
with grindings.

In both cases, we will leave the area near and tidy upon so completion of the work.

What to expect upon completion of the stump removal process

In the case of smaller trees, your stump or stumps will be removed along with the root ball. The surrounding network of smaller roots will be left beneath the soil. Larger stumps will be removed to below soil level. They will be ground down into the top of the root ball, where root ball is roo large to remove. This will cause the roots roots to die off. We are not able to remove entire root systems.

Is There Another Option To Full Tree Stump Removal?

Should you prefer not to opt for full stump removal, another option is to poison the stump. This will cause the stump and roots to slowly die off. We are happy to advise you on your options regarding this process.


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